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Pedro Zermeno, Space Invader

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written by by C. T. Dawg photography by Rick Hustead

What to do when you’ve spent a good chunk of your life dedicated to filling up your body with most amazing tatoo art the planet has ever seen? When the obsession grabs a hold of you, every bit of change you earn goes toward the ink fund and most weekends are spent in the chair of a trusty inkslinger. But then one day the canvas hits maximum capacity. What to do? Take up needlepoint? F that. Ya just start redoing what ya got. Chances are, some of your back-in -the=day pieces need a little refreshing and TLC anyways. And it’s always cool to revisit those images from yesterday.

So that’s pretty much the state that Pedro Zermeno finds himself on. The cool cat’s been going at it for 20 years now and at this point, tattoo real state is hard to come by. “I’m starting to do fill in stuff, I don’t have too much space left,
” says the owner of Syndicate, a barbershop in Long Beach, California, “dedicated to preserving the old-fashioned traditional barbering style of straight-edge razor shaves.”

Pedro always did aspire to join the ranks of his grandpa. “When I was a little kid my grandfather was in WWII and my grandmother told me that he was covered in tattoos.” That harmless tale was enough inspiration to make Pedro head out to German Charlie at Twilight Fantasy in in Anaheim, California, for i first piece.

Most of Pedro’s work has been done by either Joe Truck in San Pedro or Chris Breksa at Spotlight Tattoo. Still, he believes that one should be open to getting work done by different artists. ” the ideas come from the artists themselves,” he says. ” I give them an idea of what I want, they draw it up and if I like it…well let’s just say I haven’t said no yet.” When that No Vacancy sign finally does o up, we’ll all go and get a tattoo on your honor, P.