Lab Series Skincare for Men featured in Ryan Sutter article “My first year as a Dad”

After he and Trista yearned for a baby for so long, Ryan Sutter reflects on his first Father's Day - and the "profound effect" of Max'x smile.

US Weekly, Issue 698

written by by Amy Sultan photography by Marc Royce

…An early dad’s day

Ryan celebrated Father’s Day twice, thanks to Lab Series Skincare for Men. On June 2, after hosting a lunch for the family of three, the company treated Ryan to their signature facial and shave at Santa Monica, California’s Oceana hotel. “Getting pampered is more Trista’s area, but I was all for it,” Ryan says. Mommy and Max had a gift for him, too: Trista enlisted Colorado artist Janet Herbert to sketch “little vignettes of Max and Ryan together” inside the word DADDY.