Hot Tats, Cool Cars, Pretty Pinups, and More one the Queen Mary

Tattoo a supplement to Paisano Publications, LLC

written by by Gary Michaels photography by Billy Tinney

Almost everyone who shows up at the Queen Mary in Long Beach for Trace Edward’s annual Ink-N-Iron bash is dressed to thrill, right down to their rides. The dominating theme is pure retro. Parked on the grass outside are custom cars from the past restored to their original glory in a rainbow of bright hues. The hair is right out of the ’40s – just take a look at your grandma’s photo albums. Those old pictures will be black and white, but the crowd boarding the Queen is full of color, their bodies decorated with oceans of inc. You can sense the excitement of the spirits already on board, drawn to the alluring aura of the tattooed and ready to join the party.