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written by by Eric Hale photography by Chris Chavira

Company Name: Imperial Barber Products USA

Owners: Bryan Fisher – Co Founder, Creative Director; Pedro Zermeno – Co Founder, Master Barber; Scott Serata – Co Founder, Barber

Established: 2009 Custom formulations begin; 2011 Began slowly selling by word of mouth; 2012 January the company & website launched

Where do you barber? We (co-owners Pedro and Scott) opened Razorbacks Barbershop in Long Beach, with is Pedro’s third barbershop opening. The Long Beach location is where we conduct all of our R&D on real, paying customers.

What is your favorite style to cut? Classic business pompadour, tight on the sides, nicely faded, longer on the top with a hard part and the front thrown up and over. And, of course, finished with Imperial products.

How is the barber experience different for men than the salon experience? You are a man. You should get your hair cut like a man. This is best achieved in a “proper” barbershop that specializes on classic men’s grooming. Salons are high-riced and often estrogen soaked This tends to make most guys fell uncomfortable and uneasy. The barbershop is for guys, a relaxed place for them to socialize, grab a beer, get tuned up and leave looking sharp and ready for a night out.

You mentioned you have created a line of your own styling products. What are the names of some of the cuts that your products aide on styling? Classic side Part: any Imperial finishing products can be used depending on the desired amount of hold and shine. Slick Back: any Imperial finishing product can be used depending on the desired amount of hold and shine. Business Pomp: any Imperial finishing product can be used depending on the desired amount of hold and shine. Disconnect: any Imperial finishing product can be used depending on the desired amount of hold and shine. Loose “Beach” Pomp: Matte Pomade Paste or Fiber Pomade. Messy Side Part: Matte Pomade Paste or Fiber Pomade.

Are your products only for the tragically hip or is this product for everyman? We make premium, cosmetic grade, utilitarian grooming products for te American man. They are clean, all natural, water based tools for looking great…period. our goal is to help every guy achieve this regardless of their socio-economic or “hipster” status. Imperial users range from retired lawyers to NYC mid-town finance guys ti LA east-side hipsters, to the old school greasers who have graduated from the drug store wax and petroleum based products. So yes, we are for the “curated”everyman.

Hoe many products did you try before deciding on the current lineup? We first set out to develop America’s strongest holding water based pomade, which we achieved with the Classic Pomade However, there was no chance to our method, it was  premeditated as we set out to develop all-American made products that actually work and from what we call a “hair wardrobe,” a finishing product for very guy, type of hair and style. From there, we set out to develop a simple, all-natural shave system and daily facial soap. We also have a few new tricks up our sleeve 2013-14.

What is the toughest hair condition that you have corrected, using your products? Turning band haircuts good. Holing down cowlicks. Controlling curly or unruly hair. Fine hair that needs strengthening and volume. Dry hair that need conditioning. And, the recovering Murray’s users.

You are local guys. Where do you eat on your lunch breaks? Our offices are in the downtown Santa Ana Arts District, so when we have time, which is rare, it’s Lola’s. More often than not, it’s taco runs to Jugos de Acapulco or Tacos De Anda. Pedro usually powers five tacos on less than tree minutes a barber lunch.

Are your products only available in your barber shops or can we find them on other local shops? We started the year with six retail accounts, and we’re rapidly growing. Currently we’re in 62 doors in 12 states, domestically, and internationally, we’re in five countries. OUr distribution channels are higher-end classic barbershops, select salons, heritage inspired or haberdash men’s wear boutiques. The retailer tab on our site lists all retailers, please visit for locations closest to you ir order online at Thanks, too, for supporting American small businesses and made in the USA products!