More Than Just A Haircut…


Razorbacks Barber Shop is a classic barber shop where you can get more than just a hair cut and a shave.  Razorbacks has creative solutions for every hair style, and you will love the comfort and sophistication of our shop.

People come from all over Southern California to visit this premier Long Beach barber shop.  In addition to a welcoming environment, customers also receive the finest treatment in Long Beach thanks to a staff featuring more than twenty years of combined barbering experience. This expertise allows us to craft detailed cuts using the sort of precision and know-how that comes only from spending thousands of hours behind the chair. So, whether it’s a greasy pompadour, a traditional part, a classic fade or a hot lather straight razor shave, you’ll leave Razorbacks looking and feeling good about yourself because our staff caters each cut to the individual.

At Razorbacks we consider the length, thickness, and texture of your hair to provide you with the perfect classic hair cut that will be flattering and appropriate for your hair and lifestyle.  Razorbacks also proudly features Imperial Barber Products, our signature line of hair and beauty gels, lotions and soaps that help create personalized looks for each customer.

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